Where do you work related to composites and what do you do?

Post the companies you work for related to composites and what is it that you do? what type of schooling do you have?

I hope this isnt a repost but I will start first. I am currently enrolled at the DATC for composites. but i plan on making my own products for the automotive world.

Working as technical manager at a wholesaler for Composite materials.

Studied naval architecture.

Research Associate at University of Delaware - Center for Composite Materials (www.ccm.udel.edu)
I am more of a technical and processing person compared to the other more scientific and indepth researchers. Mostly because I do not have schooling in engineering, and suck at math. This just happens to be my hobby :slight_smile: I tend to make and test material characteristics, and figure out how to process it. I work closely with other consortium members on new projects and grants they have to get it done.

I work at DD-Compound. We, have developed, produce and sell the MTI hose and make consulting in the composite sector. Mainly for infusion.

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I own PolyTube Cycles and repair damaged CF bike frames. I am also currently preparing the first prototypes for formal testing and assuming positive results will offer custom sized CF road frames in the future.

Currently I’m working at a small car factory, where I do the composites. From prototyping to production setup.
I’m trained as a composite yacht builder, no formal education, lots of reading and experimenting :wink:

I’m the production manager at Rivers Carbon. We make composite equipment for the mining industry. But we also produce bespoke composite parts for all the other sectors.

I’ve got a bachelor of mechanical engineering, and don’t use anything taught in the composite paper.

About to graduate with Mechanical Engineering degree. I got into composites through research grants and used those skills to help various clubs around campus. Currently a professional videogame player (read unemployed)

I would LOVE to work in the automotive field, especially in manufacturing or research.

Also this thread is a great idea! I hope you don’t mind me moving it to the introductions forum and stickying it.

No I dont mind at all, we have some very smart dudes on here, keep them coming!!!

Own a company that builds composite parts for the automotive, geophysical survey industry and industrial related composite applications. Automotive is the most fun and actually most stressful, but a lot of satisfaction when you see a clients face and how happy they are with the product.

Formal education is accounting, also a chem degree but really just liked doing composites and learned what I know the hard way.

I am partnered with another person and we own our own composites business. Right now we are focused on automotive parts. We will be getting into industrial and other applications as we grow :).

The name of our company is G3Composites, LLC. Add us on facebook :).

I am just an old boat builder. Started working with composites in the late 1970’s/, early "80’s when the only game in town was linear PVC’s like Airex. I had the privilege to work with some early pioneers and watch the industry and technology grow. After over 35 years of building composite yachts, I can say we did a lot of stuff wrong in the beginning, it was trial and error- and no computers… this forum is a great idea!

Im a quality rep at hexcel salt lake city.
No degree, just got my foot in the door doing basic qc and gone from there. We are a prepreg manufacturing plant.
I joined the forum because I want to make race car parts.
Im currently looking into enrolling at Davis app tech. as my work will pay for most of it.

I’m on my own.
Began in 1989 working in a spin off of Agusta Helicopters as a designer, but I ended up to be responsable for the link between design and production departments first, and later on I became a responsable of the experimental department.
Then I switched to be the high tecnology department leader for Taema, the Italian Hercules’s spin off.
Then I created a small company to supply parts the automotive industries.
Actually I’m focused on the final stages for the development and put in production of a composites version of the Robinson R22 helicopter.
After that,next year, I would really find a job abroad. Germany preferred.

I didn’t finish my degree studies.

Structures and powerplant engineer for certified aircraft (FAA DER) and have an aircraft engineering and manufacturing business. Besides aircraft engineering services, mainly repairs and alterations, we build both certified and experimental aircraft parts from metallic materials and plastics. We don’t manufacture composite parts… yet.

As a fun side project I’m working on an all-carbon/kevlar electric two-place aircraft. The entire plane, including tooling, is being designed in the computer and female molds will be CNC cut using rapid tooling methods.

Having fun learning about composites from the experienced folks here and contributing some engineering knowledge when I can.

Another boatbuilder here run my own small composites/boatbuilding shop.

I’m a one man band boatbuilder, i trained at Falmouth tech college in the late 70’s then worked at Thames marine & other local yards before going on my own in 84.
Now run Seax Marine which i started 2 years ago, lots of general yacht repairs but increasingly getting into the building of fast rowing boats.
I find this forum an invaluable resource.
Cheers Keith

Mechanical Engineer designing automated carbon fiber placement machines. I work with all the major aircraft manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers (Nasa, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, General Electric, Eurocopter, Alenia, KAL, Spirit, Aircelle, Sonaca, Goodrich, HBC, Nordam, …).

Our machines make everything from the Boeing 787 fuselage to spacecraft.

Formulating Epoxy Resin Systems for Parts & Tooling.RESIN333@AOL.COM

Sir … As i Manikandan doing as a research scholar in ANNA UNIVERSITY under the stream of Composite materials. I need Glass fiber, carbon fiber, natural fiber and many … can u help me to provide the materials .