World time attack - Sydney motor sport park

Just wondering if any one from here will be attending World time attack in Sydney on the 17th-19th of Oct.

A wild amount of aero and lots of composite parts. Some of the teams from Japan use wind tunnels to try and retain their titles. Great amount of motor sport over the weekend and if you like me you spend a silly amount of time in the pits looking at the girls…er i am aero design and composite parts.

If you attending let me know :slight_smile:

hey bud, not able to be there this year but all going to plan will make it for 2015. have you been building any competing cars?

hay zac,

Im not good enough to build a full car yet but had a call from a friend to help build some aero where I can for them as their previous guy is causing them issues. They have an s2000 that will be competing. Big push to try and help with 5 weeks to go and a full time job to keep up :frowning:

Hoping next year my skills are good enough to help build a full car. If you come over let me know, ill help out with transport or something if I can :slight_smile:

Should be a good event this year as the australian cars are now right up there with the japanese.

Can’t wait to see the Nemo/AugerTorque car and Under Suzuki’s s15 with Andrew Brilliant aero. What I’d really love to see is Gobstopper II there.

Just went to the link and saw AMB/Andrew Brilliant is bringing his Eclipse from the US too.

Andrew brillant has done aero on heaps of the cars for WTAC.


Are you coming over for is?

I would love to but nope, not this year. Maybe it’s in the cards for next year though.

I know there are plenty of pictures of the cars flying down the straights, but if you are there, could you get the rest of us some detailed aero images of the cars there?

I haven’t been as interested in going since the Sierra Sierra Evo retired. Loved that thing. I am tempted to come across to have a closer look at the PMQ Evo M. I’ve used a lot of the composite design on that car as inspiration for the Lotus I do a lot of work for, so to see it in person would be good. Knowing Mick Sigsworth, the car will be totally different next year! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get plenty of photos of the aero :slight_smile: I’ll be needing it for the future also.


This is the 1st year i miss it due to being in japan.

How ever i must say Tilton/Scortch are my favourite to win but i think the MCA car will be up there and may even be a shock win.

I have a lot of detailed aero pictures have been lucky enough to have Andrew and even ben sopra help in regards to pointing me in the right direction for my car.

Both are awesome guys. just unlucky funds and starting my own business have slowed me down.

One thing i must say though is the sport is loosing its touch in regards to the rules there are a lot of the cars that fail to meet the rules but pass due to crowed favourites

not long to go now!!!

hey cartoon, yeah mate getting close now.
as for not being good enough yet, don’t get too caught up. just because many of these guts have heaps of cash doesn’t mean theyre doing it right. Andrew brilliant is indeed clever, id love to pick his brain, but most outfits call him in after the car is built, that’s part of the reason for such outlandish aero. he is trying to undo some of the damage done initially. I am excited for myself though as he did the aero on the fxmd nsx and it is a very simple design. close to where we are at already. maybe next year:)

hay zac,

I learning a bit of aero stuff but learning composite fabrication quick now. Im doing little stuff on a few cars and its helping me learn heaps. only been playing with composites for about 6 months or so and only started making molds 2 months ago. did my first vac bag item last week to.

keen to see what aero cars are running and more importantly how its all supported, made (mold splits) and fixed.

hey man, keep it up. bite off more than you can chew and learn from it. heres a link to our nsx build thread. this is built for targa/ endurance but plans are in the making for a time attack version.

Agree with biting off more than you can chew! Throw yourself into it. Just say yes to everything. There’s nothing you can’t build until you find something you can’t :wink:

good day out there today fellas? what happened to garth waldens car?

Cartoon, link us to some good pictures when you get a chance. I’ve been watching this via instagram. I hope someone makes a great video about the event, otherwise I’ll just be drooling over photographs I find.