What's going to happen in Indy Car?

As many of you know there was a very bad series of accidents yesterday in the IZOD series. I don’t follow Indy Car closely but with a death and so many cars destroyed does anyone what will happen for race this season? Will they continue on without any changes or race cancellations? From what I read Indy car has been slowly declining and I sincerely hope the race series can pick up again.

I don’t think this will be much different then when Scott Kalita or Dale Earnhart left us. Safety will increase but the sport wont go away. Hopefully one day we will have the materials and technologies created by people like you Canyon to prevent these types of deaths so speed doesn’t have to be regulated and drag racing can go back to a 1/4mile like it should be.

I think Indy is on the decline because we already have our turn left sport of Nascar and anyone that’s into racing probably enjoys the bumpin and grindin that go with Nascar.

I agree with you Rotorage, a large part is, I dont think the gerneral public understands what talent it takes to drive indy, F1, LeMans or any of the other (Road Racing) cars. nascar just has a little more action. also F1 sport is just so expensive for the engine makers and even to watch. i dont know how much a Nascar ticket is but just to see the LeMans over here its around $120. price is a huge deturant along with who broad casts the races.

Too many cars too little space