Wanted: Quartz fabric

Looking for some quartz fabric, dry or prepreg depending on resin. Let me know if you have some, or if you have a good source.Looking for 5-25 yards.

What is quartz fabric?

Quick search finds it’s made from silica and good to 1000C


Learn something new every day…

Was going to ask if it’s the same quartz fibres I have seen used for exhaust heat wrapping. Super expensive stuff, we’ve got it on a couple of our very high budget race cars. Not sure if we ever ran into trouble with the regular fibreglass wraps, more likely the owners like the more extravagant sounding materials.

I’ve never heard about quartz fabric. Do you have a picture as sample?

I have some maybe 5 yards what kind are you looking for?

Thanks, don’t need it anymore.