Upholstery adhesive for overlays

Can someone recomend a good upholstery glue adhesive that epoxy won’t disolve or weaken the glue bond? Doing overlays and im tired of waiting for the time it takes epoxy to gel enough for bonding carbon to the plastic core part. I would like to upholstery glue the cf onto the part and wait no more than a few hours to start doing epoxy coating over the cf. I dont care if its upholstery glue as long as it does what is needed. A permanent bond that epoxy wont weaken or delaminate.

I worked in the custom car audio industry for a good chunk of my life. We always used Weldwood Contact Adhesive or Formica brand adhesives for any and all upholstery. Not sure if either will react with epoxy and I’m not so sure the color of the glue will play nicely as it is yellow or red, depending on the brand. Other than Super 77 or other spray glues in the can, I don’t know of anything else that is clear/ will work better than waiting for epoxy to tack.