Uhhhh....hey there everyone

I totally forgot about this here. Thanks for cacomposites for apparently commenting on a 14 year old post, and I got an email about it.

What I miss?

Nice to see you.

Not much has been going on here. I am honestly not sure what to do with this place. It has so much good info that I hate to take it down even though its costing me

Oh I just noticed the layout is just like Cardinal Flyers Org. Neat, this is what discourse looks like. HAHAHHA

Yeah, I hate it when forums die. I’ll post over on the Reddits, and maybe bring a few people in. That is where I am all the time now!

how much is it costing you per year?

Hey, I’ve been getting questions on the reddits on how to log in? I just used my old account. Do you create a discourse account, and then just show up here?

I had turned off auto registration because of spam problems. Folks that had accounts can reset their password but new signups were disallowed.

You’ve inspired me to try again though, I can give it a shot to upgrade this site and see if I can reopen public signups without all the spam posters coming back

With “full usage” this place will cost around 1200 USD a year. The killer cost though is time, the forums started getting deluged with spam and I am unable to spend the time to moderate it. However some things have changed, previously we were on an ancient vbulletin platform and I was able to migrate us to this Discourse instance, which is a platform that is modern and maintained.

If there’s enough interest still around happy to figure out with someone how to keep this place fully open and useful, rather than in the archive mode its in right now. Sincerely appreciate you two posting and keeping this discussion going!