TVR composite factory

A look at how a TVR body is made. It’s not the newest video but it’s a good example that you don’t need to mortgage the house to make your own body.:slight_smile: It also wouldn’t cost much to spice it up with vac bag/infusion and some carbon.

[ame=“”]Car Body Glass Fibre - YouTube[/ame]

Does anyone else feel their skin itch after seeing so much glass/dust. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to do more fibreglass work. Especially infusing with a twill glass

geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez they not shy with the resin…

Very poor example of how it can be done, things are so resin rich you could build a fishing boat that way…

TVR used to state they their’s were the most labor intensive cars to build in the world… Not something if be proud of personally, and definitely not good for the bottom line!!

As an ex manufacture of OEM spares for TVR I can quite believe they were one of the most labour intensive cars to build!