Threaded instert on back side of part

Searched the forum and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Apologies if it’s been covered…

Does anybody have pictures of tooling they have completed that will show me how to easily secure a ‘post’ or tab with a threaded insert to the back side of a part?

My thought was that I will make the mold as usual for the front side and while the part is still in the mold, pour a casting resin or some kind of liquid rubber to get the angle and correct mounting location of the ‘post’.

Layup, infuse, cure, pull peel ply. Then, while leaving part in mold- preload silicone “interior” mold with a piece of carbon tubing, epoxy tubing onto part, pull silicone “interior tool” when epoxy has cured, put nutsert into the newly bonded carbon post.

Just looking for the easiest, fastest, most cost effective way to do this.

Thanks in advance guys and THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting this forum back online!


I’m not sure if your part needs to be pretty on the back side, but if not, perhaps you could make up a paste of epoxy/filler and glue the insert on. Of course you would have to make up a fixture to hold it in the correct position. I bought some inserts off ebay (China). On ebay, if you key in the words " furniture hex insert " you will see many lengths and threads are available, all cheap.
With the hex side down, into the paste, it would likely survive the bolt being twisted. I’m no expert, but this may work for you.

Thanks Carboncopy. I will definitely give this a try.

Look into Bighead fasteners. They have stainless steel version, a nut with a big washer essentially.