These are your new forums

The old ones is finally dead. Took 2 years of figuring out what to do, testing and migration for it to wind down by say goodbye to that mid 2005 era tech.

This new one I hope will serve us all better and most importantly will be stable and spam free for a long time to come.

Thank you for the work you do running these forums. Although they aren’t used a huge amount, nor do I post, I find the information here incredibly helpful and I appreciate your efforts to keep it available.


Thank you so much for posting it. To be honest for how much this forum costs, how much time it takes to manage, and how much time I don’t have to manage it I’ve struggled with keeping it going. But everytime I thought about taking it down it killed me to think about all the knowledge, tips, and great spirit that’s people have shared here that would all disappear.

I know the transition has been jerky but I really hope the migration and work into modernizing it keeps it up for another 10+ years for people to be able to come here and reference, even if the community isnt as active as it used to be.

And I really appreciate you coming here to share your sentiment. It makes it all worth it if even one person benefits.

Thank you for validating all these efforts.

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