Sweet Home Alabama

Hello from Alabama, USA.

My composites interests are namely in structural components. I have experience with glass & ester resin and a renewed interest in the use of CF and sandwich core materials. I experimented with hand lay-up, epoxy resin, vacuum bagging as well as building a large electronically controlled curing oven over the summer. I am now setup for infusion beginning with various test parts over the last couple of months and found this plethora of knowledge to help continue growing. Thanks for putting this together and all the wonderful inputs!

I have tried several attempts to start a new thread in the “Composites Talk” section over the last few weeks, but my posts don’t show up. When I submit it, it says “needs moderator approval” or similar. I thought I have read all the pre-requisites to post…

Any ideas?

I joined earlier this year and none of my posts showed up. I even created a new user and had the same problem. I was ready to give up and not bother (great way to get new members on a forum) and found that if you post a link in your first 5 posts they will not appear. Images may have the same effect, so post a couple of more plain text replies and you should be good to go. I guess the flip side is that I haven’t seen any spam on this board.

Thanks PlanB, I’ll give it a try!

You should be good to go now.

Indeed. Thanks for the info! Just made my first post… :smiley:

It’s been a year or so since my last post. I attempted another post yesterday but got the “moderator approval” warning and no post was made. How can I join back in on the fun?

Hmmmm, Now I am unable to reply to a thread that I started. Says I don’t have permissions.

Song remains the same…

Just checking in. I’ve just received emails regarding my recent posts. Hope all is well in composite land.