Surfboard and Tooling Fiberglass

I have been searching for a long time for 6oz tooling f/g cloth.

Well I found some that doesn’t cost $10 a yard! has 6oz tooling cloth. I got my order today and it’s perfect for tooling. It’s not the usuall flat plain weave, but it is still a plain weave. He charges $6 a yard and it’s 50" wide.

Only thing is he doesn’t ship it on a roll, I got mine in a box.

I order from this company all the time, good people. They are in SanDiego but they do ship.

If you are searching for a great price on flat weave 6oz f/g cloth check out

they sell the flat weave and it’s very good quality. $5 a yard or less if you buy more than 10 yards. They will even ship you a sample with your order. I recieved a 10oz plain weave sample and it’s perfect for tooling cloth. It’s cheap also.

They ship.

Why do you call it ‘tooling cloth’? And what is ‘tooling gel’?

I’m guessing maybe if you make a mold from it it will be more flexible and easier to get the part out of?


what I call tooling cloth will work good for mold making. it allows trapped air out very well. tighter weaves don’t work so great for hand laid molds.

I also don’t vacuum bag my epoxy molds, I just do one layer of resin/cloth after the last has gotten past B staging.

Hey, jsut a word on the glass from jgreer, although it has a great price the way that it’s woven the filaments are actually wound so that if you are ever making a flat panel it will always bow… I remember having a bunch of problems with the jgreer until I realized that it was due to the weave…

Tooling cloth is generally 20 oz or heavier.

Tooling gel coat is the gel coating for making a mold that has additives in the gel coat to take the repeatedly high heat cycles.

Surfboard cloth is generally S weave (twisted threads) for adding the resin flow into the glass and strength.

Whatever cloth you do use, altenate the directions on any lay up.

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Here I want to say you can also find fiberglass cloth or fiberglass chopped stran d mat on