Spam Problem

Hey guys,

Upfront I want to apologize for the spam problem. It’s my job to give you all a good experience recently been subpar.

I want to thank SammyMatik and HarrisonAero. They’ve been working behind the scenes to keep things under control, but they’re only two people in a battle against the rest of the internet.

I’ll be taking even more steps to attempt to prevent spam in the forums, of which I’m not sure yet but will post here.

Thanks for sticking with this forum


Alright guys first update.

For now I took the most extreme approach and turned off all registration altogether. For now this should eliminate new spammers, and let us clear out the ones that are left…

Long term I have some challenges.

This forum is based on 2007 technology and has stopped receiving updates years ago. I’m searching right now to see what’s available that I can use with this old tech to keep spammers out but it seems that recently they’ve defeated most of these methods.

I will continue researching to see what we can do.

I got a bunch… so many spams…

let us know if you find a better software solution? I would be willing to donate funds if that is an issue.

Same here, willing to donate for new software :slight_smile: Thanks for the effort so far canyon!

Thanks Susho,
I’ve got some ideas for free options. Let’s see if those work and if not and I end up needing to spend cash I’ll ask for donations!