Site Suggestions

The Site Suggestions Forum has been deleted and this thread will take it’s place. The idea was given to me by another well experienced admin and it’s a no brainer to implement.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for this site feel free to post them here. You also, as always, welcome to PM me or contact me using the Contact Us form.

Thank You… I hope this forum will provide vital information to learn and expose my knowledge , similarly i might do follow the same…

Well done. Getting the list of “off topic” stuff as short as possible.

A small suggestion, but might be a lot of hacking:

like / share / other social media buttons next to the postings might help grow this forum. On the other hand we do have a great bunch of people here, and things can get bad.
However, with social media you attract friends, so the danger of things getting bad is relatively low.

Might be out to lunch here…

On a few other forums I have seen some “tech week” threads. Always loved the idea…

Everyone who can posts a tech thread, Usually has an award for the best thread. Voted by the users. Has made me learn A LOT!

Other wise great site, And I have learned SOOOOOO much already and look forward to grow and share my knowledge.


2 small things:

I get daily digest of this forum, which is great, and really helps keeping momentum.

However, the links in the mail do not work usually. (the stupid thing is that I am testing now, and they DO work at this moment.) Is the forum down at 7 am CET?

2nd: I wanted to post about that, but on the forum there does not seem to be a place to do so, I cannot open new topics in this subforum, and all other subforums seem inappropiate. Not a big deal, just mentioning.

Thanks Herman,
I had a subforum for suggestions but no one used it so I ended up getting rid of it. If you have suggestions just post in any Announcement thread and I’ll see it.

As for links being down I’m not sure what the issue is but if it happens again, just let me know something and hopefully I can recreate the issue and fix it.

OK, I think I found out what it is:

The complete forum seems to be down everyday from about 7 am local time, for a certain period. (30 minutes or so)

Now I realize that does make sense. The forum goes down to rebuild its databases and whatnot.

Is this a big inconvenience? If so let me know, I’ll look for ways to reduce, if not eliminate, this down time. It may not be possible but I’ll give it a shot if bothers you!

I have no idea of your local time when the database is rebuilding, but if it can be shifted half an hour earlier that would be very convenient. (usually I check this forum after waking up…)

I changed a couple of the schedule tasks around. Let me know if you see the forum down again. Finding the solution might take an iterative approach in this case.

Thanks for bearing with me

will report. also keep in mid i am training the kids not to get out of bed too early, so i might not be that early every day… (at least, i hope…)

Has the problem disappeared for you? I sure hope it has.

I think it has. I must say the forum was down for a couple of times, in the morning, but I have not been able to find a pattern. I must admit that I have also not been able to establish a pattern in the familiy morning ritual as well…


Well if at anytime you establish a routine and it gets in your way let me know. Just as an FYI, I’m getting tired of vb3 and am looking to upgrade sometime, probably after I finish my masters degree. I don’t think the newer softwares have this problem.

my installation of vb3 is nothing but trouble after the last re-installation after errors. Are you going to vb4?

vB4 looks like nothing but trouble as well. I’ve been browsing other forum softwares like Invision Power Board, or phpBB, but I won’t do a major overhaul until I have a predictable and more free schedule to deal with issues.

Can I suggest a forum section for vendors? I’m having a heck of a time finding people to sell me things.

I used to have a vendor’s corner but it was hardly used so I got rid of it.

There’s a couple of threads with good places to buy stuff. Were you able to find what you need there?

It would be nice to make the reply box wider in the private messages. A bit of a pain to compose/reply a message in a such small box. Not sure if this is something you can change or not.

You can drag out the PM box to make it as wide as you like. Click on the bottom right corner of the box and stretch it to your liking. I attached a screenshot showing the location of the box adjustment.