Senate bill 2448

I am not sure if I have the number correct but the bill is the one Jim has been referring to, limiting the number of adults in R.O.P. programs. Last week I received an email stating that it had died out in the Appropriations Committee, then today I was told thru an email that it was reinstated and could be voted on next week by the State Senate. I will try to provide some more accurate information when it becomes available.

SB 2448 has passed the Senate and is on its way to the Assembly. In order for it to meet the Deadline it must be heard today. This is not good!!:confused:

keep us updated! That would totally totally suck!

It has passed and we have less than 2 years to get to 10% adults to 90% high school students!:o

The idea is to give our budget moneys to JR colleges and then students will have to pay fees to attend JR colleges…which those fees goes back to the state…Thanks Arnold…

Plus major supplies cutbacks this year too!

I gave my aide his walking papers (long story and I was told the ROP would replace him, NOT!) so I’ll be teaching 2 classes (Theromfoaming Plastics & Thermosetting Plastics), in the same room and time with some that never have held a tool in their hands to adults working in the Plastics industry, but without an aide!:rolleyes:

Looks like it did pass although no official word has come out. Looks like community colleges will be increasing their enrollment in Career Tech classes. We do have a few years to get our acts together but for those that teach mostly adults they will have problems adjusting. We will just have to see what happens but this will be a gradual adjustment with full implementation sometime after 2010.