Registration Change to combat Spam

Hello all,
To combat spam all new users will have to post in the Introductions forum first where their post will be moderated.

This is to prevent spammers from flooding the boards with nonsense!

Let me know if there’s any questions

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I have made a recent topic post, but I am unable to reply to the posts. How can I overcome this. I asked a question and now I cannot reply to the answers I got.

Hey Vankit,
I apologize there is some lag as the system upgrades users on a batch cycle, not instantaneously.

Let me know if you still issues. It should be all good now but if its not please let me know!

Same problem with me.

I am also having problems replying.

Same here…

I still cannot reply to my threads, but I do receive e-mails about those posts I have already made here in the Announcements section. HELP?!? :smiley:

I must have spoken too soon! I’m good!

Glad to hear it. I need to figure something out to combat the spammers now but for now happy this is sorted out.

I still can not reply to my own thread. Can an admin finally resolve this…

Fixed the issue