quit my job.

I finally quit my job. I didn’t feel happy with some of the choices they made(and the $$$), and that isn’t good for the working evironment.

So, next week, first a holiday visiting my cousin in Dubai (nice temperature there, here it’s below zero)

And after that I’m starting my own business. Currently getting everything ready, logo is being designed, getting tools, sorting out paperwork, and getting some work to do!

I currently have one project planned, leading the build of a solarboat with a bunch of students, and a naval architect.
Planning to do lightweight structures, but there probably will be a lot of polyester/repair/(re)paint jobs too.

Anyone some usefull tips? :smiley:

Kudos to you! It’s really neat that you’re going out on your own. My mom just passed through Dubai, really neat city from what I hear.

Who’s doing your engineering?

don’t know yet, bit project based. Have some contacts laying around here and there :wink:

Congrats Susho…you should get your previous employer as one of your clients :wink: You can charge more appropriately for services rendered…

What markets are going to go after?

mostly marine and sports I think(boardbuilding/repairs) due to contracts I can’t build parts for racecars for a year.
We have quite a big watersports industry here, so a lot of polyester (repair) work, not the best work, but it pays the bills too :wink:
Coming months I’ll need to get a bit known, so I’m planning to do some longboards and maybe a bicycle in CF, nice to show potential customers and clients :slight_smile: (and cruise around on :wink: )

If you want to build a web presence to show off work let me know.

That’s a big step! nice work! I’d be interested in hearing how things progress. I’m working toward striking out on my own and I’m sure there will be many lessons learned on your adventure.

Keep up the hard work.

I actually have some sort of a job again. Last year was a bit (too) slow.
The company went in a direction which I didn’t like. Doing some jobs I didn’t like, but was tempted by the money. Bad for the motivation. (motivation is everything!)
I made the decision not to do serial work. nothing above 10-15 parts per year. If I did I would have a nice stable running company by now, but in something I don’t like.
In januari this job opening came by, and I thought I wouldn’t be there for more than a few months. But I’m still there. I do a lot of hands on work (mould building at a cnc milling factory), but there is some engineering and drafting too, so running between my desk and the floor. Not bad actually.

So my company is allmost inactive for half a year now. Still doing some small stuff in the weekend and the evenings, but not much.

I kind of rolled in to this whole thing without thinking about it too much. Basically without a clear direction. Now that I don’t have to stress about getting orders, deadlines, and cashflow, I had some time to rethink the whole thing.

I won’t focus on building products for other people or companies anymore. I probably won’t do that kind of thing at all. I don’t have the motivation to build other peoples dreams and ideas, just for cash. If I can be involved in a cool product, co-developing it, it’s no problem, but just building, it’s not the thing for me.

So what’s left is building my own products. Something I was afraid of, depening upon. But that’s not the case now. I’m developing some cool stuff. Very motivated to start buidling (and maybe even mass producing, which I hope will be needed :stuck_out_tongue: ).

On the practical side, I learned a lot. The most important is to make clear appointments. Just so boths sides are happy at the end of the road.
And ask enough money. If they think your price is too high, too bad for them, let them find a fool who does it for less. Most of the times they will come to you anyway if they need your quality. As I learned: They can complain about your price, but don’t let them complain about your quality.

So a few years in this thing is still just the start. I just got warmed up :slight_smile:

You are right. Better have them complaining about your price then about your quality.

If you don’t mind me asking why are you feeling this way? It’s my understanding that the place you work is one of the most innovative in the industry

Yes your absolutely right. I’m lucky in that my work is great and cutting edge but, I still yearn for my own independence. I’d rather work on projects of my own than some one else’s. I guess it’s just mental attitude about being an entrepreneur and blazing my own path.

But, composites are pretty expensive and I can’t bank roll a shop, material, and have the free time to put it to work. At the same time I work at places and think… “I’d do it this way, or why not that way, or what about this…” but I"m not the one in charge so I don’t generally have input on design and what not.

I just see so much opportunity in using composites in innovative ways and to make products that are needed and better than what currently exist. Really right now is a great time to create some new exciting products that could be very useful and successful.

I guess it’s my long term goal that I keep working toward constantly. Luckily by working for some company, I’m constantly reminded of my goal each time I get to work. Granted my work is great and I"m learning and doing new things and growing my skills and understanding of the materials I work with. I still want to be on my own some day.

That all makes complete sense. Thanks for letting me ask the question. If you do start your own shop let me know. I might wanna work for you someday :smiley:

I started out with almost nothing. I only started because my first job was big enough to support me for months. from there on most clients paid 1/3th upfront, enough to buy materials.
Now I’m working in my free time. And keep it that way untill I can support myself, without running from job to job. maybe even working parttime on my regular job.

Most people that work for themselves are the ones that feel like you do. “I can do that better, and I’m willing to prove it” :smiley:

Heheh! yah thanks for the positivity in here guys. My real goal is to have a shop making cool stuff where I can hire some good folks and pay a fair wage while selling high end stuff.

Fairly open ended but, I’ve been working in a direction now for a bit. Tons to learn and much more work to do. When you love it, it’s barely work. I’ve always wanted my hobby to be my job. It sorta is now but, I’d also like to be my own boss (slave driver) :smiley:

How do you eat an elephant? :smiley:

It sounds like there are several of us with similar thinking. I am very much like Sam in that I have a great job but really want to be my own boss and fabricate high quality stuff that I come up with. I would also like to eventually reach the point where I have hired some skilled/like minded people to help. Good luck susho and sammymatik!

Thanks, I"m still learning every day and trying to be better. This field really has so much possibility and there are so many opportunities right now as the world is searching for light weight, strong, and more efficient methods of manufacturing.

I"m sure if we set a goal and keep moving toward it, we’ll get there eventually. I’m like you and would like to have my independence and hopefully create some good jobs here in the process.