Out of autoclave prepreg: which high temp hose and vacuum fittings?

I’m officially making the switch over to out-of-autoclave prepreg production this week and I’m down to my last few bits needed to finish the transition.

Can anyone recommend high temp hoses (4x4x8 oven) and through bag vacuum fittings for inside the chamber?

Looking to cook to 450 degrees, Max.


I’m looking at these which are good to 500F.

Item # M45-1687 for vacuum fittings and M45-1806 for the quick disconnect assemblies.


Airtech Airflow 65R hose looks like it’ll do the job:


Contact a local hydraulics supply house. They will have quality hoses that can handle the the temps and vacuum even if it is not sold as “vacuum” hose. It will be cheaper than buying hose from those shops.

Try talking to Northern Fiberglass. I had bought Richmond Aircraft silicone hoses from them for a decent price way back, though I cannot recall the temp spec. 450 is pretty high, what temp are you actually planning on curing at. You might find it more economical to lower your temp spec unless you absolutely need it.


I’m manufacturing motorcycle and exotic auto parts that get pretty hot. Specifically, there’s a heat shield for the bike exhaust I’m worried about, as well as an engine cover for a mid engine exotic that gets heat soaked into the 370F range after spirited driving.(the turbos and catalytic converters sit directly below it)

I want to cure to 425 and see how it holds up.

I have gotten oven and autoclave hoses from Torr Technologies and have been very happy with them. They make ones rated for very high temp and pressure.