One more forum idea

Hi all,
I have one more idea for this forum.

Here’s why I ask. It will cost around 500 to 2000 to get this forum migrated to Discourse. Discourse will then charge 100-300 dollars per a month depending on which plan is picked.

If I were to start charging 3 to 5 dollars per a month for forum access how many of you would purchase this? Let me know by posting or voting in the poll

May be industry sponsors could help as well, some banners on the page. That could help fund the new software/ platform.

Crowdfunding these days could be a possibility or a donation through Paypal as done before.

I realize the independence of this forum.

This platform helped me so much over the years, especially the kindness of users sharing their information and experience.

Just wanted to pitch ideas.

Thanks Wobcomp. Thank you for the ideas!