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Joined recently, although I haven’t posted, I have been using the ‘search’ function and finding answers to mostly all of my questions.
Figured I’d let you know I am not spam so that I can post in the future if necessary.
Thank you.

I already posted in the main introductions section before seeing this, maybe I am a robot :slight_smile:

Hello. New user here; robo I am not. Thanks!

Not new here, but posting here so I can post elsewhere.:frowning:

Joined a while ago, I have been using the search function and I have found answers to all of my questions, thanks for all the great work you guys have been doing on this page,best regards.
Thank you again.

Hello. New here from Oklahoma. Not a robot or isis.

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Thanks for having me on board.

Been in the composites industry since 1986 but actually started working with glass at the ripe old age of 13 when I made a goalie mask for my younger brother (1970).

You could call this my day job but I also weld and do all sorts of fabrication related to custom bikes and race cars of every description.

AKA known as Carbon Mike in my country but here Mikey will suffice.
I’m self taught for the most part but got help from the best of the best when needed.

First Carbon part was a hood (bonnet) for a Countach. 1986.

Thanks guys. BTW, i’ve seen some nice work on the forum.

Not new to forum but would now like to post. Thanks for enabling.

Hi from Calgary Alberta,
I’m building a hillclimb/road course racecar but have been too shy to post anything due to lack of knowledge, but I have to start sometime. Many things I’ve read on this forum have been very helpful, and I thankyou for that.

How long does this process generally take?. Thanks.

Hi I from Moscow. I will not send spam.)

Joined recently, Im not spam and would like to post in the future

Hi there :slight_smile:
My name is Charly and I am a passionated sailor.
I want to exchange some of my sailing-boad parts out of aluminium and steel with carbon fibre parts and need help from experts :slight_smile:
I will post a first question in some minutes.
Thnanks to be part of this forum.

Hi, I just joined the site. A bit of a car guy. Looking forward to learning as much as I can about composite fabrication to apply towards my projects!

Hi, I posted an introduction post, it needs approval. It says everything you need to know about me.

I have been waiting several days, and tried to post an introduction. My account is not active, and I cannot access my settings or view my profile by tapping my username.

How long does this process take? I am not a robot, or spammer.

Hi it great to know where i cam get help with my composite projects. My project is im sure way unusual, i am working on making my own leg braces from carbon fiber, i will need to vacuum bag and for prepreg cure in oven ramped up to at almost 300 degrees, it be great if anyone out there could help with any suggestions.

New user here. Looking forward to gain some insights on the fabrication of laminated composites. Thanks a lot.

I am trying to get the attention of a moderator so that I may post a new thread. Is this forum broken or is it dead? Should I be looking for a new forum?