New to composites, new here. Making stuff for my car


I have a super rare and limited production (97 made so far, worldwide) sports car. Its a Rossion Q1. Given the rarity, getting replacement parts for the body and other fully custom parts is challenging… so I’m just making my own. Replaced some parts I made molds off originals for but now making some custom parts to replace existing parts I want to modify beyond making a mold feasible I think.

I have zero prior composite experience. Running into probably the same typical issues anyone new learning on their own would run into. Came here to try to get some of those issues ironed out.

Current projects in the works somewhere between paper-planning and currently fabricating plugs…
[li]custom molds for the intake piping (everything before the turbos). I’d like to make the post-turbo piping however I’m unsure about my ability to make reliable piping that can take the pressure (up to 24psi) & heat (possibly up to 300 right after the air is compressed and not yet intercooled).
[/li][li]custom air intakes on the front end to feed brake cooling and radiators.
[/li][li]custom tunnel for radiator. presently side supports are made from sheetmetal (ugly, not ideal function either), and radiator fan panel is fiberglass (ugly design, not ideally sealed against tunnel walls to force air to be pulled through radiator).
[/li][li]custom cowling for intercooler (intakes come in the sides of the car, go through intercooler, then out the rear grill.
[/li][li]replicate existing fiberglass headlight pods (each side holds a highbeam, lowbeam, and turn signal) made of fiberglass. very challenging and complex shape. currently molding one using a combination of fiberglass and silicone.

Here is the car