New here!

Hi everyone!

A little about myself:

The name is Tom, and my Joy’s in life include; riding my S1000RR on track days, and canyon carving. I also enjoy mustangs, and pretty much all high performance vehicles (I dont discriminate). I am a frequent attendant of car shows, track days, and the like. (Huge Ford guy!) I also love to drag race my 2012 5.0 that has nitrous, and a few bolt ons…

I’m new to the site, but have much experience with out of autoclave, aircraft structural composites. I have done alot of structural composite layups, wet ties, tapes, tapered layups, fairing, structural bonding,repairs and the like. I am familiar with loc tite 9396, magnobond 6367, 7500, and the like.

The reason I come here is to learn more about producing visually aesthetic parts, that are suitable for outdoor use. Most of the things that I have built are usually resin wiped with various different systems to seal them from the elements, or fuel. I have never worked with gel coats or clear coating parts (which are some of the things I hope to learn more about).

I also have a pretty large wealth of knowledge to share in exchange! I’m looking forward to joining this, and other online communities as I learn to make parts, and share my experiences, both good, and bad. I’m sure I will have all kinds of mixed results, but my goal is to produce a professional quality product, and possibly manufacture some parts on a semi-large scale for myself and other car/bike enthusiasts.