new here and a composites instructor

Pictures, man pictures!

I want to try to get my class to also make CF Pre-preg on PUR foam skateboard decks and PUR skim boards too using VIP!

But since it is getting close to Halloween, I’m having them make PUR foam (from Coastal Ent.) graveyard markers and I wonder how many of them my name will appear on them! :stuck_out_tongue:

After profile routering the outer shape (I showed them how to make a simple router template) using a wood template with nails thru it to hold the foam (same way we are going to use for the decks and skim boards) while routering.

Then they use my letter sets to draw out the letters and then crave them out. I just thought of the small hand held routers that we have and I might try showing them how to use them to crave out the letters thursday night too…

Then I have vacuum form molds of skulls to Vacuum form PS sheeting and attach them to the markers.

Tomorrow night, I’ll show them how to add spikes to the under side to stick into the ground and resin them into place.

Next week, we will line them up in the spray booth and have them spray grey gel coating on them. The next class thay can litely / mist spray black paint them!

PS: Here’s some of the better Model rocket race cars myself and students have created over the years and my converted office to future computer lab:

I have been in the composites industry for nearly two decades now both auto and aero and now have the opportunity to develop and stand up an introduction to composites course for college and adult level students. I have taught FAA composite repair courses prior but wanting to start simple and expose people who have never worked with FRP before to the possibilities beyond their geographical location. My region is western KS, Nebraska, eastern CO. All very rural areas with little or no background in composites. I have not been very active on this for a while, but know there is a wealth of information on here and look forward to help build the industry through education.