Mesa Marin, Calif High school racing series

I should wish OSS & IS did something like this. IS did ask me in the early years of the track and I gave them many school contacts, but…


“ Kern County ’s New Home to NASCAR” Announces

Sponsor of High School Racing Series

        Bakersfield, CA – Kern Schools Federal Credit Union proudly announced today that they will be the title sponsor of the long standing High School Racing Series which was founded at Mesa Marin Raceway in 1997.

        “We are proud to support this exciting program that has exemplified so many great benefits to high school students in our community.” stated Vince Rojas, President/CEO of Kern Schools Federal Credit Union.

        With the closing of Mesa Marin Raceway in the fall of 2005, the High School Racing Series will now find a new home at the new racing facility currently known as “ Kern County ’s New Home to NASCAR” which is set to open in 2008.

        In the spring of 1997, Mesa Marin Raceway established the nation’s first and only High School Racing Series.

        “As we began to put the High School Racing Series together, we knew there were a lot of positives to get the high school kids involved with racing.” stated Mesa Marin Raceway founder Marion Collins.

        But it wasn’t until a few years after the series had been established that the real benefits came to light, as students were required to maintain good attendance, a minimum grade point average, learn numerous team building skills, and automotive mechanics.

        “Parents, administrators and advisors continually shared with us stories of how a student had little interest in high school until they became part of the program, or that a student probably wouldn’t have graduated if it weren’t for the High School Racing Series, it was very moving to hear such stories.” Collins added.

        The Kern Schools Federal Credit Union High School Racing Series will offer students the opportunity to become part of their school’s racing team; work together to build their racecars, find sponsorship and build their team during the school year.

        “It has been one of the most rewarding programs we have put together.” concluded Collins.

        The first race of the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union High School Racing Series will take place in June of 2008, as the graduating seniors will do the driving duties for their respective teams in a ten race series competing against other regional high schools.

         For more information about the Kern Schools Federal Credit Union High School Racing Series, please contact Marion Collins at 661-397-7333.:cool: