Leak Detectors

Just curious as to what people have found to be the best leak detectors.

I´ve used the one Airtech sells, the VacLeak LEQ-70 Leak Detector. I could only find rather big leaks. I did a test, I´ve needle pinned the bag and it didn´t indicate.

Personally I had better success with different tacky tape, softer to the touch. This helped a lot.

This little gadget works wonders. Since I used it, airtight bags. It rotates, if there is any air flow, which means a leak essentially.


Airtech WRD-33 and some others. All are terrible. My ears detect leaks better.

Simply watch the dial indicator on my vacuum tank, vacuum gauge. I slam the needle to max and hold it there for a minute then cut the suction from my pump and watch the gauge for a minute. If the indicator starts going down I then search the bag seals for leaks. If it holds then I simply mix resin and do some things and return to check the gauge in 15 minutes. If there is no change then its Green Light on the process.
I was using Airtech 200 Stretchlon bagging material and was fighting leaks every single infusion attempt. I switched to a thicker bag material and bagged the whole mold. I have not had one dam leak to fight with since the change. Feels so good.

A cup over my ear with a piece of vacuum pipe attached. Works 100x better than ultrasonic leak detector.