Just joined the new version of the forums? Post here to test your account

Help me double check that things are working, and help yourself not get locked out, by seeing if your posts show :slight_smile:

Test test test from Houston Texas.

Thanks @Ro_Yale! Good to know at least one person is able to post here.

Everything is working well for me so far. Thanks Canyon

Test first post on the new site.

Hi From Somerset in England

test,test, test Thanks canyon

Testing this new forum and seeing that I don’t know how to use it at all.

Hello! I like the look of the new place but is anybody here?

From the backend stats people look at the website but not many post

This is me. I keep checking for new things, but I’ve been busy at work and not doing anything that I’d post here.

Test…icles. I do not see images in the threads yet. Am I missing something?

You shouldn’t be? Can you see this picture of a random helmet I found off the internet? image

Test test test from Cape Town, South Africa

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Test from an old “grey beard”

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