Is Dry Graphite Cloth = Carbon Fiber

I recently found a supplier of composite materials who is promoting “Dry Graphite Cloth” and their site does not list any Carbon Fiber.
Is this just their method of marketing or is this “Graphite” actually different than the material called Carbon Fiber?

they are the same. I don’t know why the forum has so little traffic these days.

I pondered why too. Its not just this one, another gets more traffic, but not much more. I’m guessing it has maybe more to do with maybe people using social media sites instead these days(?).

I look every day but the traffic has died here. Hojo, what other site. This website has a really great compliment to my work.

If you google composites forums you will find it, its probably the first hit. Only thing I don’t like is that its run by a brand that sells composites products. Nothing against them, they actually seem to be a good quality company/product, with decent knowledge aimed at more the hobbyist side. Its too bad here has really died down. Its always cool seeing what other people are doing/trying to do.

Got it, thanks.