Instructors Upgarde Training for Mastercam X

If any Instructors are interested the Paton Group will be offering Mastercam X training Saturday June 10th. Mastercam X is the best Cad/cam software out there. Version X is a huge uggrade from Version 9 and has left us in need of training. Workshop is for Instructors only. The training will be held at Western High School 501 S Western ave Anaheim Ca. 92804 room 75 from 8am to 3pm. For more info and to register go to and register. The info should be up and running in the next few day. If not you can send me a Pm. Hope to see you there on June 10th.
Steve Heck
Cad/cam Insructor North Orange County R.O.P.@ Western H.S.

Any instuctors or only ones already using that software program?

Any charge for this seminar?

Sat. June 10th @ 8am (dang Steve, you know I don’t get going that early in the morning…:rolleyes:)

I have been wanting to get a table top CAD/CAM set up in my class for the students to learn how to use it for making molds, but…

…and since after 15+ years (I have been there 12+ years) my classroom & office is finally getting repainted this summer!:cool: If you should visit my classroom, the smell of Styrene and burnt plastics (the room has been used for plastics 30+ years…) almost knocks you over. Many students have drop out on the account of it too!:frowning:

I do not believe there will be any cost. Probadly New or Upgrading both as they would like to introduce Instructors to Mastercam X so you will buy it for your class. You can call the Paton Group phone no. listed on their website also to register. How did you manage to get your room painted so quick? I have been here 19 years and we still don’t have flushing toilets?:mad:

The info for the workshop is up and running.