I'm retiring from teaching Plastics and Composites at GGROP 2/1 !

Well, the day is coming and they are closing the programs too…:frowning:

I’m trying to remove all of my 14 years of equipments, tools and supplies asap and have offered to buy up the resins and reinforcements but…politics!

I might be selling off some of my items like the massive rolling reiforcements rack (without the material on it) listed in the product section and some other items but I keep looking around there and seeing more and more of my 14 years of effort going down the drain.:o

I will be sending out a thank you E-mail to the many manufactures suppliers over the years and if anyone wants to read the long story of the last semester, I’ll post it here later on.


But I should now have the time (in the coming months) to add a pay per view online Composites classroom section on here…but it will take time.

If I can buy the school left over supplies, with the pay enrollment I hope to include FG reinforcement practice materials, handouts, tests and such.

Tons of step by step power points and if I can get premission, online videos too!

Wow…thats a life change ! I wish you the best of oportunities to come.I’m sure they will.Your a great guy to deal with.
My best…Vinny

Thank you and I still have my own business to run too…:smiley:

WW check your PM’s!:rolleyes:

Will do. We’ll keep in touch for sure.

Anyone now of any adult tech schools in the Alburqure, NM., So. Mo. or western Tenn. areas that MIGHT be interested in a new Plastics and Composites classes additions in a year from now or so?:rolleyes::cool:

that picture is in your spray booth isn’t it??

Fire dept is making me sheetrock my home made booth

Yes, and you might see the chopper gun in the background…but since I didn’t have an aide this semester…it might be junk as I didn’t have the time to run gun flush thru it…

In the 14 years that I was teaching there, I only saw the Fire dept. once or twice TOTAL and nothing but very little things needed moving.:rolleyes:

Well, I was just informed today that the local (and also their National assoc. and Plastic News too…) So. Calif. SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers) will be giving me a tribute at their annual March Educational night! :eek::cool:

Dang, now I have to get a hair cut, a quality picture of myself in a suit & tie and write a paragraph about myself…by tomorrow!:eek:

Will you be offering training classes on your own?
I am sure alot of people will be interested including me…