how to get fabric texture?

i like how a hand layup produces a smooth side and the back has texture from the fabric, is this possible with a silicone vacuum bag?

edit: ive seen some composite hardhats for construction workers that are smooth on the outside and have slight texture from the inside,it looks like its from peel ply? it also looked uniform, like there wasnt any overlapping and crinkling of the peel ply

How smooth you want? Silicone bag will leave a smooth back but the surface will not be flat, it will have the weave imprint. You can also carefully put release film down, this can leave a similar level of smoothness. If you want perfectly flat and smooth you would need to do RTM, compression moulding or could infuse or autoclave with a B side caul plate

I actually like the back side to NOT be flat, I’m getting ready to start doing silicone bagging, but I wanted texture on the back side. I thought the silicone would make it flat.

it will be flatter than if you used release film, but will still have some fiber texture as the bag is flexible and the carbon weave is not uniform in thickness based on how its woven. So the bag will conform slightly to this variation in thickness