GD&T How to tolerance the following mold, and it's design

So I’ll start off with the fun stuff, above are three photos The first a slice of a mold I am making.

The second and third are prints of them.

I’m looking for feed back on how to tolerance the prints properly, or at least best practices. Currently I am trying to figure out the locational tolerances of the mold pattern in a top down view.

I feel like the stepped diameters are rather sorted? The Dia is ~32mm +0.001" on the pocket, and -0.001" on the plug. The radied stepped is just clearance with -0 to+1/32 on the pocket,and +0 to -1/32 on the bore again. Everything after that is strictly part geometry rather than mold geometry.

Second picture, new users cant post more than one embedded photo.

This is the patter view that I am trying to reasonably figure out.

If the bores are +/- 0.001" on the bore/plug respectively, the locational tolerance of the pattern “should” ideally be 1/10th of that? as to not have the patter tolerance move the plug location out of fitment to the bore, or vice versa?