Forum Update 2016

Hey guys,
As some of you might have noticed (especially the one’s who’s posts I’ve been slow to approve) I haven’t been as active as I used to be. There are numerous factors for this but the major one now being I work at SpaceX and I just have much less free time in my life.

I will be doing a couple of things to make life better here though. Things I’m planning on doing in the backend are merging parts of the forum admin emails with my personal email so I see them more quickly.

Others is reevaluating the spam filters to see if I can possibly relax them without causing the forum to be flooded with spam.

If any of you have other suggestions do let me know!

Congrats on your job and SpaceX! Whats your position there? You will learn some cool stuff there.

Thanks Hojo! I’m in Supply Chain trying to make sure the material gets in on time. I recall somewhere here saying they work at Spacex, trying to remember who it was.

Oh congrats on the job. A few people i’ve worked with work there now. Are you guys still on crazy OT all the time? I’ll bet they keep you plenty busy!

We’re pretty busy! Elon wants to build more rockets than ever before so there’s quite a bit of work to do.