FOR SALE - Carbon Fiber Fabric – 1K Plain Weave T-300 - 7.5 inches X 5 Yards

Carbon Fiber Fabric For Sale – 1K Plain Weave T-300 - 7.5 inches X 5 Yards

Reduced to $15.00 for 5 yards including shipping to US addresses ONLY. PayPal payments accepted.

This very lightweight carbon fiber fabric was cut from the parent roll at a US facility and is primarily used for satellite structural prepregs. It is an ideal material for hobbyists that make, modify and repair RC aircraft, drones and other small platforms. It is also useful for repairs (if you crash your drone).

It is compatible with epoxies and polyesters via wet layup or VARTM. Usable width as actually closer to 8", but I am listing 7.5" to be safe. 1K = 1000 fibers per strand, and it typically cost more than 3K and 6K weaves because far less is produced.

Please note two things:

  1. Because it was cut from the parent roll it has selvage on one edge only; the cut side could unravel if not handled carefully, but it tends to be a stable weave.

  2. It does have yellow Kevlar tracer yarns running in the warp and fill directions, so if you need a cosmetic “carbon fiber look” this material would not be good for the top ply.

Given those two conditions, I am selling this material at a very reasonable price. It is not for everyone.

What you see is what you get. We cut a 5-yard length (9.375 sq. ft. total) on a clean glass-top table, roll it, place it in a plastic bag with desiccant, and place the sealed bag in a 3” diameter shipping tube. We ship via USPS Priority Mail to US addresses only – no exceptions.

T-300 Material Properties (reference only):
Tensile Strength 545 ksi
Tensile Modulus, 33.5 Msi
Thickness: 0.006
Style: Plain Weave
GSM: 95 / 2.8oz