Foam Core Tube Walls

Hello All,
Looking for information about fabricating a foam core tube wall using resin infusion. My plan is to make a hollow tube with and internal and external carbon fiber wall and a foam core in between to increase overall wall thickness. I was considering using resin infusion over a mandrel initially but possible moving to a split mold and through bagging to achieve a better finish on the OD. The foam core would most likely be Soric XF. Attached is a representative image, with green carbon inner and outer and a blue foam core, so as not to be confused with a solid foam core tube.
Has anyone built something like this? Any thoughts or advice are welcome.


Hello Jake,
What size OD, ID and especially the length & shape do you wish to fabricate?, I have manufactured many compound shapes & curves and ended up using Aluminium Heated Split moulds, happy to share my experiences with you.

Hi John,
Right now I haven’t really decided as I’m trying to work through the theoretical side of it. I would most likely be looking at 50 mm O.D. and inner and outer skins of 1 mm with a 2 mm foam, Soric, in between, making I.D. 42 mm. Length would be 800 to 900 mm. At the moment this is a straight tube. Application is a bicycle downtube.
Before even getting into carbon layup, I’m trying to get an approximate calculation on the stiffness of this. If you use just the Area Moment of Inertia for a hollow cylindrical section , obviously, having the increased wall thickness improves stiffness. However, I don’t want to create a solid wall, I want to make a sandwich panel for a wall. I’m not sure how to figure a sandwich panel construction into these calculations for a tube.

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