Donkervoort is hiring

Hey guys,

As the title says, Donkervoort is hiring.

We’re looking for motivated composite fanatics to stengthen our team in the composite production department.

Are you, or do you know anyone who lives in the Netherlands and fits the profile described in the link below. Please contact us at

And a little video to show a bit of the company and it’s employees:

Hope to hear from you,

Quintus Boegem

Hey, I didn’t know this video. Nice to see my old workshop, and some of my former collegues! Hope the pay has gone up, otherwise you’d need to be very motivated indeed :wink: Great job if you’d like to get in to composites though. Hope you find some people!

Get some blue nitrite gloves for your laminator not black !!!

If it’s epoxy don’t use just nitrile gloves by themselves- epoxy fumes will migrate through and you can/will develop an allergic reaction over time. Use thin polyethylene gloves from the food industry and then any glove other over the top of those. Makes it a bit easier to change gloves too.