Degassing by pressure?

If i put mixed resin with bubbles into container with pressure like 8 bars will it remove bubbles better than vacuum?
Anyone tried?

No. Pressure will make bubbles smaller, which will only make them more difficult to remove. It may cause the gasses in the bubbles to dissolve into the resin, but when the pressure is removed the bubbles will expand to the original size and any dissolved gasses will come back out of solution.

Vacuum will remove bubbles almost instantly if you use a high vacuum and have a large enough container to allow for the expansion needed to pop the bubbles that rise to the surface. A small amount of solvent or other volatile material (like water) can aid the removal of air bubbles with vacuum by causing greater expansion at less vacuum.

Pressure is used during curing of the resin to compress and dissolve bubbles, but the resin must be cured before the pressure is released. The gasses are still in the resin but will slowly diffuse out over time without creating bubbles. During cure pressure is beneficial, and vacuum is not.