DD-Compound Squeezee and Squeezer clamp clones


I am writing her as we more often get relies from unhappy customers that are not our customers. DD-Compound is the producer and rights holder of Squeezee and Squeezer line clamps.I think most people that ‌‌have worked with the clamps love them and do not want to miss them anymore.
As usual when‌ a product becomes succesfull there are copies of the products as it happened with the MTI hose too.
Now we have more often complains about quality or service and figure out that the clamps are copies of our original Squeezee.
Here a few examples of copies.



DD-Compound gives a lifetime warranty to Squeezee and Squeezer. Also I can say that most clones are more expensive than the original clamps. If you don’t like our clamps we also offer a money back guaranty.

Well that’s not nice of them