Composites Wiki live

Hey guys,
The Composites Central Wiki is now open for business. You can find it at

It’s currently in a beta state so I won’t be heavily advertising it’s presence for a while but feel free to get on, make some edits.

Currently users are bridged from vBulletin into the CC wiki so you must be logged in and have over five edits. I’ll be monitoring closely for spam and will increasingly add anti spam measures until it’s gone.

Also I’ve only added functionality for adding fabrics but I will be incorporating other categories such as Resin, Core, and vacuum pumps as I go.

Lastly picture uploading is disabled for now. You can link from sites such at Photobucket for the time being. This is for security reasons until I’m more confident in my implementation

Let me know if you have any problems, suggestions or comments. Enjoy!

Here’s an example of a fabric page

Add all the fabrics you know of! The more the better

Canyon, thanks for doing this.

I don’t know how possible it is but it would nice to know the density (specific gravity) of resins and the fibers used in the fabrics. The specific gravity is a key component in predicting the thickness and Vf of laminates.

Can do, I can create a property where you specify the fiber used in a fabric. From there it can link to a page specifying the fiber properties such as modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion etc.

For now though I specifically left it sparse to work out the bugs. This way I can easily monitor the changes to make sure it’s all working correctly, and also if there is a problem not so much data is lost.

If there is strong interest and contributions I’ll start adding more features. It all depends on how much YOU want it!


I am looking into integrating MediaWIKI into either PHPBB or VBulletin.

Do you use VBulletin 4? And can you direct me to a bridge-addon between VB4 and MW?

This site is run on Vb 3.8. It was tough finding a working addon to bridge the two and I had to settle with MW 1.16 to get the bridge to work. Even 1.16.10 won’t work.

I found a well supported addon for vb4 but I can’t find it anymore! You always end up finding what you don’t want, even if you need it later. I’ll keep searching to see if I can find it.

And of course right as I post that I can’t find it, It appears in the next google search.

Thanks for the info. I guess I will experiment with this a bit.