Composites training course in Perth Australia

Hey guys,

Many of you will know me from this forum and a few others, but not everyone will know that I run a small composites manufacturing business here in Perth, Western Australia. I have been fabricating low-volume high performance custom composites, mostly for the local racing and high performance car scene, for almost 6 years now. In that time, I have had the privilege of working on some of the most exciting high-end motorsport builds, as well as some truly astounding vintage era rebuilds. I have also worked on many other projects, including boats for the Avon Descent and gliders competing in regional air-races. My enthusiasm for composites means that I also enjoy helping others and contributing to great forums like this one.

At the start of this year, I decided to expand my business into education and small-scale material supply, catering specifically to DIY-ers and hobbyists. Anybody based here in Australia will know that high quality advanced composite materials are very very difficult to find locally, and when you do find them you need to purchase a large quantity usually at exorbitant prices compared to Europe. I intend to be the catalyst for change here, having spent 6 years building a huge network of suppliers and getting experience with a large variety of materials - I know where the best materials are in Australia, I already use them myself; now I want to give hobby-level users the chance to use these products without having to commit to large quantities.

In addition to this, I have also come to realise that there are very few places in Australia (especially in Perth) that know or have experience with modern composites materials and processes. Those that do, don’t tend to share their secrets. Again, I intend to change that, and so I have recently launched a 4-day training course (run over the space of two consecutive weekends, so Saturday/Sunday/Saturday/Sunday), covering the cornerstones of composite manufacturing: pattern making, mould making, resin infusion, and out-of-autoclave pre-preg. This course will give you the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to successfully tackle your own composites projects, and my on-going personal support for approaching those trickier projects that you will inevitably come across. After nearly a year of planning and development, the first course is in October and very nearly sold out less than 24 hours after launching - there’s currently one spot still remaining. New course dates will be announced soon.

So, for anyone in Australia that is interested in composites, feel free to have a look at my website and like my page on Facebook: