Cnc Advisory meeting North Orange Co. R.O.P.

Hello everyone. My name is Steve Heck. I am a Cad/Cam,Cnc Instructor for North Orange County R.O.P. We are holding an Advisory meeting for our program on Dec 8th from 6pm to 8pm. Anyone working in a related Industry is welcome and we sure could use your support.Email if you have questions.
Steve Heck
Western High
501 S. Western Ave
Anaheim Ca 92630:rolleyes:

Since ROP (Regional Occupational Programs) are Calif. state (little money for schools…) funded job training classes / Programs (free to any and all students), we are mandated to have an Industry Advisory meetings at lest once a year for the Industry to review and tell us what they need in entry level personal.

These meetings can be a “WIN / WIN” for all concerned, the companies and the education programs. With the companies that attend can give their very important input, the schools get to hear the directions they need to go in and the teacher can stay in touch with the business and direct the better students to those business too. If the company donates any extra supplies, good used equipment and other items that schools can use, they get a tax deductable receipt.

When was the last time you went to a local High School lately? Did you see any SHOP classes? No…they all are gone as the teachers retired, there hasn’t been very many new teachers to take up the positions. Plus the schools have dropped the programs but who gets hurt the MOST! The students as most have never had a tool in their hands or know how to use one. I get them in my Composites & Plastics ROP class all the time but when I show them how easy it is do little things and see that light bulb comes on in their eyes…it is worth all the extra effort we teachers have to do to keep the programs going and something for the students to do.

Anyways, if you can help us out by attending these meetings, you are also helping out your own industry too!

I’ll get off my soap box now…but only for a little while…:slight_smile:


All went well at our Advisory meeting . We had a record number of Advisors. 12 to be exact. Many new ideas were presented by the Instructors and some will be implemeted right away and others will take time. I am especially excited with starting a SkillsUSA chapter. Orange County presently has no Chapter. Let’s get the word out about our Programs and this website and keep things going. Now is the time to speak up and support our Programs.
Steve Heck:)