Clipboard Clips CHEAP!

Teachers, I have found a source to buy clipboard clips (the low, chrome, popular 4 1/4" wide ones with the wire hold down) and he will sell them to us for 321x clips (I guess that is what is in a box of them, or his box he has in stock?) for $100.00 delivered! That’s .32 each!

I’m have already gotten 100x of them but paid $57.00 delivered, but I’m trying to get others together to buy a larger amount of them.

Anyone interested? Plastics, Wood, Metal shops or even art classes can also profile router white tile board (from Home Depot…go Tony!) for the students to make themselves a cheap clipboard project and easy to learn how to profile router! Also, how to pop rivet too!

Then the students can used them to write step by step notes on new projects! Ya right…ok, just trying a little humor here!

Non teachers: If you want to buy some clipboard clips from us, there will be a little mark up so we can buy the rivets, rivet back up washers and like for our classes.

PM me here or at

Here’s a picture of the clipboard clip and other misc. items that he has. They should be cheap items and good for art or shop class projects too!

3x of us are going in to buy 322x clipboard clips for $100.00 with shipping included too.

Any other teacher interested? Businesses?


JM / Werksberg / GGROP here…

On the misc. little items from this contact:

How about I sell it to you by the pound?

I send you a 2 lb pack box from the post office and I throw in as many as I can for only $10?

I think to ship a 2 lb box is about $5.

Take your time with the clipboard clips, no rush. If you buy 5 boxes I’ll throw in an extra box (322x) for free.

Thanks, JB.

If you are interested in any of these items for your class, PM me here or ggropplastics(nospam)

Ok, I’m ordering up a bunch of stuff early next week for several teachers, anyone else?

is this offer still up?? I might need 220 of them. I will know today. I am talking about the clip board clips

Yes, as Terry Price from Cerritos college clean me out and he wants more items…maybe in the next week or so I’ll be ordering more.

Just checked my clipboard and found what I copied was shown too. So fixed.

I rarely use IE…

Did not understand…was this fix applicable for Mozilla too?