Choosing the correct weight of csm (chopped strand mat) fiberglass matting

You may realize all styles of suggestions from fiberglass suppliers of what weight of fiberglass CSM (CHOPPED STRAND MAT) mat to use on your roof. Some don’t say, some say 450g mat, some 600g mat or others say double laminate 300g or 450g. Within the finish it turns into a “mines larger then yours” that contest devoid of all logics and reasons. the straightforward truth is there are guessing as a result of they need the best for you however they haven’t seen your roof, it’s size, it’s form or how well it’s created. Some fiberglass suppliers are simply suppliers and solely that, and some have a history of fibreglassing roofs and may speak from real expertise. Here are my suggestions, feel free to use them, ignore them, or improve on them.

small roofs – small garages, porches and bays 450g chopped strand mat ( 1.5oz)
small garage sized roof’s – with foot traffic or medium to large roof 600g chopped strand mat ( 2oz )
large roofs – for example. > 50m2 single 600g or possible 450g chopped strand mat double laminate for walkways.
large roofs – for example. > 100m2 double 450g chopped strand mat laminate