Cerritos surfboard seminar

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[CENTER]Cerritos College - Norwalk, Calif.[/CENTER]
Surfboard Building Instructional Demo’s & “Open Forum”
Saturday, December 17, 2005 - 9:00 - Noon
Cerritos College, Room ME-1 (Plastics Department)
Sponsored by the Cerritos College Plastics Department and Plastics Club
A donation of $20.00 will be accepted for scholarships and material support.
The California and world-wide Surfboard Industry Awakens. When Clark Foam closed their doors, the foam core that countless small, medium and large shops have relied on to build their product was denied.
Fortunately, there are providers of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) blanks with epoxy resin that are ramping up to meet the demand. Segway Composites (American Blanks) of Colton has promised to, “Help in any way possible to contribute a solution to the immediate crisis.” said the President of Segway Composites.
A small core group of the industry has developed a more environmentally friendly (AQMD compliant) methodology. The technology has been perfected and promoted over the last 25 years and now will be given a well deserved spot at the forefront of surfboard construction.
Leading the charge is Greg Loehr of Resin Research, who is responsible for developing a surfboard building epoxy resin that gives off minimal VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and can be cleaned up with organic citrus based cleaners. “I’ve spoken to so many people from every corner of the country and today everyone is pulling together. There aren’t just any east-coast, gulf-coast, west-coast or Hawaiian surfers anymore. We are all AMERICAN surfers and board builders common in the challenge that confronts us.” says Greg.
The future is bright after all! This Forum is planned just-in-time for all serious individuals.
Demo’s and Forum Topics include:
· Trends in surfboard construction
· Selection and sources of materials
· Methods of fabrication and construction
· Finishing techniques
A BBQ and networking activities will also take place
Included will be Hank Johns of Graphite Master, who provides advanced reinforcement materials all the way from the aerospace to the surfboard industry. He will outline what types of reinforcements are currently available and suitable to the surfboard industry.
The Chairman of the Composite Training Center (CTC) at Cerritos will field questions and conduct a tour of the facilities. The Program is planning to support Fiberglass classes to include surfboard building and repair with convenient scheduling and access to all.
The spring semester begins the week of January 9, 2006.
For more information and to RSVP:
Phone – (562) 860-2451 ext. 2927
Fax - (562) 467-5012
Also check into the following sites:
Swaylocks.com, resinresearch.com, segwaycomposites.com, graphitemaster.net, and cerritos.edu/mt.

See complete courage in Sunday’s Orange County Register.

Thanks Steve, I’ll have to check it out as I wanted to go, but was working on this Hurricane Relief race car all weekend long.

And I’m a week behind in reading the newspapers (OK, the funnies…lol)!

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you mean to tell me there are people who still read newsprint?

funnies sure, who doesn’t. But the rest?