Cerritos Industry advisory meeting

Dear Advisory Committee Member and Industry Leader,

Please note the following correction on the date of the meeting.

“Industry Round Table” Advisory Committee Meeting

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[COLOR=red]Monday[/COLOR][COLOR=red], Dec. 5th[/COLOR], 2005 at 5:00 – 6:00pm – Room ME-1 on the Cerritos College Campus

Please mark your calendars and R.S.V.P. today.

Thank you,
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Terry L. Price
Mfg. Program Chair – Cerritos College
(562) 860-2451 ext. 2927

I attended this meeting last night and it was attended by many industry personal.

Cerritos College are planning to drop or just once in awhile have class in the Metallurgy field. They want to convert that lab into a lab for prototyping for every class from automotive to composites. But also to bring High School students into there to WOW them with a program to prototype something and have small scale 3 axis CNC mill to make that part to take home. But what I told them was that every High School already have a New Technology class and they would bore them. They needed some with a more WOW factor like Stereo Lithology or something High Tech. Just my .02…

The Composite program has seen a drop in enrollees and they have the same problem as I have with mine: How do we get the word out that we do have these Composites & Plastics programs available??? This is one reason I restarted this site…

Some great ideas were presented and we’ll see where it goes…

My idea also to them (and others too) was for them to hold like once a month or so a condensed 1, 2 or 3 days seminars with a fee to attend. I get a request a week or so if they could attend my class and they want to come from out of state…but my program is 180 hours (maybe soon going to 2x classes: 1x TP & 1x TS with 180 hours each…) starting in Sept. to June! And it is an Open enrollment, which means I can get a new student every week or so…

They will be looking into doing this once a month or every so offen condensed classes.

If you have any input for them about anything like wanting to be on a E-mail list for these condensed classes:

They need to get the word out to all High Schools about the programs. The High Schools are where the students get interested. How about a video or dvd for the program? I would show it to my students!!