Boatbuilders wanted in Italy!

Persico marine, known for projects like the Americas Cup, TP-52 yachts, Open 60, Volvo 65’s, Wally, etc. Is looking for people to work on high end yachts. Prepreg- and cleanroom experience is very welcome, but infusion, or even wet layup- bagging experience in some cases as well. Motorsport or aerospace guys and girls are also welcomed, but as a boatbuilder you should be willing to do projects all the way from preparing moulds to trimming, bonding and assembling the finished parts. Both contractors and permanent.
This is also my current gig, And I’ve enjoyed living and working in beautiful italy for over a year now (more snowboarding than in the netherlands, hahaha) Send your cv to if you think you’d be able to build these yachts and components, and it will go to the right people