band saw blade for carbon fiber?

I’m starting to cut more and more parts and the fine tooth bi-metal bandsaw blades were ok for a while, but I’m going through them really quickly now. I’ve looked into bandsaw blades specifically for carbon fiber but they are really expensive. Does anyone have any experience with them or any input?


Diamond coated blades but they are expensive. Pay to play.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of a good cheap option. The main options are a carbide grit or carbide tipped teeth. If memory serves the both are around $125-150 per blade for a 90" +/- blade. The grit blades probably last longer but mean having a band saw dedicated to composites. The carbide tipped blades are nice because you still cut aluminum and wood without having to change the blade

You can use carbide grit band saw blades.

I have used them for many years.

Carbide grit seems to work pretty well - the gulleted ones. Medium grit is pretty good for a smaller bandsaw. We have coarse on a 20" saw and it tears through material but leaves a rougher finish.

We get them from McMaster. Not cheap ($100 or so for 14" bandsaw) but they last months and cut pretty much anything.