Back in Socal

Hi, well I just drove through 3/4 of the country in 2 days and am interviewing for a few companies, but before it gets hectic with work I wanted to offer help/demos/or whatever with any composites programs. I went to Cerritos a few years ago and did Terrys program, but also went on the transportaion design, Irvine Valley College/ArtCenter. I’d like to meet some of you other educators in the Socal area. LMK what I can do!

Dang, get your Butt over to my Composites & Plastics classroom some Tuesday or Thursday night from 6 to 9:30 PM! 11351 Dale St., Garden Grove, room 706, just of Orangewood St. on Dale entrance.

Check your PM and I’ll send you my business phone # for you to call me to set this up!

PS: Are you looking for a job here in So. Calif. Area?

Try RevChem in Bloomington for a sales position b 877-8477 [/b], ask for Ron Aldaco if he is not busy and they are opening up a bay area dist. center soon, if not already! Great company to grow with…

Or Metal Crafters in Fountain Valley for a real eye opener…prototype car maker for the major car manufacturers! And they do John Force’s CF Pre-preg Funny car bodies in their 3 autoclaves in one shot no less!:cool:

FYI and keep it to our selfs: Or, I might be looking for a paided, part time teachers aide in my classroom next year…?
Or GGROP may be looking for a replacement Composite & Plastics teacher next year…:rolleyes:

Orange Coast College is reportally adding a Composite section to their airplane program, but rumors are that other things are in the works too…?