back from NZ

Hey guys.

Sorry that I havnt been around for the last month. Just got back from New Zealand where i had three cars belonging to some of my clients racing out there. (We wone 8 out of 10races!)

Anyway Back in the UK now and have a huge mou
nd of composite work to catch up on. Lots has been done whilst I have been away but its funny how production always goes down a little when the boss is away! Not that i can really complain as the people I have working for me are a good bunch and willing to put in the extra hours when needed.

Welcome back!! Do you have pictures of the cars you raced?

I will post some pics later canyon. If you cant wait google lola t400 hampton downs 2012 and you will find a few pics (red and white car #64) runs a 5 litre chevy engine that produces about 550 bhp

Hey Draco Welcome back - it’s been a while

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