AV-8B Harrier

Just wanted to share this great picture. I have over 2000+ hours flying these.

That is a fantastic picture how was it taken? Are you in either one of them?

Excuse me for a second while I geek out here


Were you part of the Air Force? How is it? Do you still fly these?

Can you say new WALLPAPER! great pic mIIIc.

I am retired from the Marine Corps. I spent a lot of time both flying and instructing in the Harrier. It was just a great picture I came across and wanted to share with the group. Here is a shot of me from a few years back.

I have a few minutes controlling a few of those…

Thank you for your service!


Very cool. What was the most challenging thing about flying the Harrier?

What a spectacular and versatile aircraft, my brother was a ground radar tech at wittering in the UK and i would never get tired of seeing the Harrier in action.

awesome picture! my new background… Are you secretly Tanner Foust?
lol you look like him

You know I had to Google him.