Autoclave Help

I just purchased a used autoclave. It’s about 2’X3’ inside work area. I need training and help on hooking everything up. It has a ASC control cabinet attached but no computer. I need to learn more about it. What would some of you experienced guys recommend? Thanks for your help.

When we started we had a simple heat controller,the pressure controller was a manual valve
As long as you have a pressure pop of valve and a good door interlock safety go and have a “play”
Clave that size you don’t even need a fan
No doubt there will be someone along soon to tell you you need to be nitrogen filled,full pc controlled with thermal head
You don’t. !

Our asc autoclave is controlled by a standard pc with an ethernet cable. Call ASC and see if they can guide you.

We are manufacturer of Composite Autoclave
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Rakesh Verma (Overseas Manager)

You probably have plenty of ports for vac, air and electrical so it shouldn’t be too big a deal to plumb in a few strip heaters and a PID temperature controller. I had a similar autoclave built that had a fan shaft run through a pressure washer seal and an array of finned strip heaters. Not a high pressure or temp (100psi, 120C) setup but works awesome and cheap to run.

At that size, I agree that you don’t need a fan. Do check your over-pressure blow-off system. I used two, set at slightly different pressures and a good regulator.