Alternatives to adp black epoxy surface coat?

Does anyone here know of a decent alternative to ADP composites epoxy black surface coat?

This is the one I normally use for room temp cure mold surfaces but they are “out of stock” with no info on how long it will be until they get more:

It has to be a room temp cure epoxy based product as I am not set up to deal with MEK fumes here. The ADP product has a thick toothpaste-like consistency so it doesn’t fisheye like regular epoxy resins. It polishes well too.

None of the other composites stores I use (or know of) in America have any epoxy based products at all for mold surface coats…

Thanks. That looks promising.

Have you tried any of their products for your molds?

I used those their surface coat on a number of molds that were all epoxy construction

What was the texture / viscosity like? I.e. Were you applying it with a brush or spreading it on like jam?

Did you use your epoxy mold to make epoxy / carbon fiber parts?

It is like pudding, I used both brush and squeegee for application, I used all epoxy based materials to eliminate the strong polyester smell.

I make my own. 100gms US Composites thick resin,24 grams fast hardener, 4grams black pigment and 50ml Cabosil (fumed silica) . It can be made thicker by adding more Cabosil.

Sounds just like the ADP product which is perfect. I also use epoxy molds and epoxy with carbon fiber because I can’t tolerate the smell with Mek curing. I honestly don’t know how anyone can tolerate it unless they have an industrial fume control solution.

One last question… is it easy to buff to a grade finish once it has cured? The ADP product buffs much better than regular epoxy.